Thursday, October 19, 2006

You might be a runner if...

1. Your day isn't complete until you've put your run in.
2. You have a list of all the races you plan to run...for the next twelve months.
3. You get upset about injuries because they keep you from running, not because you have actually damaged your body.
4. You drink twice as much water as any other liquid.
5. The thought of signing up for a 40K doesnt' make you quiver with fear.
6. You finish a marathon, say you'll never run another one, and in a week are looking for another one to train for.
7. The Atkins diet seems preposterous to you...who wants to give up carbs?!?!
8. You can convert kilometers to miles in your head.
9. Your blood pressure is 92/56 and you're conscious.
10. You're first post week recovering, haven't ran yet, can't explain your bad mood, but are miraculously "cured" after a five mile jog.
11. You call all other sports "cross training".
12. You consider running three miles to be a warmup.
13. Your major goal in life is to qualify for Boston.
14. You tell people: "I only ran 10 miles today because I was tired."
15. Your running shoes have more miles on them then your car does.
16. People ask you "When's your next race?" at least three times a week.
17. You've ever been pleasantly surprised to see that you still had ten toenails.
18. You've ever been asked: "How long was that marathon that you ran?"
19. You're convinced that your running abilities are seriously impaired because you missed a day of training.
20. Your sport is other sports' punishment.
21. You have more blisters on your feet than you do toes.
22. You know a marathon is 26.2 miles.
23. You're embarrassed to be seen walking, even if it's just up the street.
24. You count your time spent running in hours.
25. You're a "few" pounds overweight, so you rationalize: "I'll have to add a few miles to my weekly mileage."
26. You know the location of every public drinking fountain and restroom within twenty miles of your home.
27. You mentally measure junk food in terms of miles rather than calories.
28. Your fridge is fully stocked with bottled water, flavored water, and sports drink...but lacks staples such as milk, eggs, and "real" food.
29. You know who Hal, Deena, Dean, Pre and Meb are.
30. Your recreational drug of choice is Motrin.
31. You have/had ITBS or plantar fascitis and actually know what those terms mean...without looking them up in a medical dictionary.
32. Even your Ipod skips during interval workouts.
33. You restart the treadmill after it automatically shuts off because the mileage says 2.92 miles instead of 3.00.
34. Thinking of BioFreeze makes you smile.
35. You wear out new running shoes faster than new work shoes.
36. Your thighs are only slightly bigger than your calves.
37. GU on toast sounds like a good idea.
38. Your running club smells so bad at Satuday morning post long run brunch that the three tables closest to your crew ask to be relocated...and you think it's funny.

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