Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, that's it

The last run until race day is completed. It was only a two miler, but it was really tough to find the motivation to get it done. I'm excited for the race, but I'm just so done with this whole training thing. I'm ready for a break from high mileage.
My alarm went off at five this morning, and I spent a good ten or fifteen minutes laying there trying to convince myself that I really didn't need to get this run done before work. I was really surprised that it was so hard to find the desire to get it done this morning, as it was the shortest distance I've run since my last marathon taper....six months ago.
Anyway, long story short, I got up, did the run, legs felt like lead, but at least it's done and now I can move on with my day.
Today should be an okay day, I'm only seeing patients until noon. I have the afternoon marked out as a reschedule with our marketing guru and I was supposed to have a four o'clock meeting, but it's been cancelled, so instead I have a four o'clock patient...and then I'm done for the day! Yeah for me. Of course, since I'm done early tonight, I'll be working late tomorrow night, which is not so good.
Good news though: according to MSN weather, Sunday is now only cloudy in Chicago. They've taken the rain out! Thank goodness for that. Keep your fingers crossed.

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