Sunday, November 05, 2006

What a weekend

I'm wiped out from this weekend. Friday I rushed home from work, only to turn around and leave again right away, as I had to pick my husband up from the airport. He spent all of last week in Chicago for business. We stopped for dinner on our way home, and then pretty much went straight to bed, as we were both exhausted from last week's work schedule.
Saturday morning I had forgotten to turn my alarm off, so it went off at the regular scheduled time...5:00am. I had a tough time falling back asleep, so I went down to the couch to watch a little television, and promptly fell back asleep down there until almost nine. (This is really sleeping in for me!) Saturday night was my spa party, which was a raging good time.
I ended up with seven guests out of the fifteen that I invited. I was a little pissed that some of the people who had said they were coming called at the last minute to cancel and/or just flat out didn't show up. (Easily my top pet peeve of all time there). I think the people that did attend had a really good time though.
This morning I got up early to head into Clayton for a 10k race to benefit the Special Olympics. It was perfect running weather. The temperature was only in the upper forties, but there wasn't any wind. The race itself was nice. Two laps of a 3.1 mile course, about three hundred runners. The local chapter of Girls on the Run was using this as their "final" race of the fall season. Those little kids are so stinking cute, and talk about nice kids. They were all encouraging each other, and almost all of them had something nice to say to the one older gentleman who always runs these races, but never finishes very quickly. It's nice to see polite kids for once.
I ran a 53:30, which is a new PR by five minutes. I was pretty happy with that. I'm still waiting on age division rankings but will post them once I've seen them. It feels good to race again, even if it is just a short race.

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runnergirl said...

Way to go on the PR! That's great!

Sounds like a busy weekend. I hope this week is a little more relaxed for you.