Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sunday movie review a day early

Since tomorrow is Easter, and that brings with it the obligatory family get together appearances, we bumped our movie viewing up a day. Although if I drag my butt out of bed early enough tomorrow morning we might be able to catch another one anyway...have I mentioned how much I love this discounted tickets for morning movies?
We saw The Lookout this morning. It was pretty good. Not as good as Shooter last week, but the premise behind this movie was different, and different usually equals good in my book. The basic idea is that there's a guy who's had a serious head injury, he works in a bank as a janitor. He falls in with the wrong crowd, you know, the one's who want to rob said bank. Much violence insues and in the end...well, we'll just leave that a surprise. It was entertaining though.
We then went to Baby's R Us to finish registering for the kiddo. I picked out a sweet ass Jeep jogging stroller (in addition to a regular stroller for everyday use). I so hope someone buys me this, as it totally rocks. Although the baby won't be old enough for this cool ride until next spring, so I can always buy it later...
Now I'm contemplating a run, a short run, on the treadmill, but a run nonetheless...

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