Monday, June 19, 2006

Official Chicago marathon training starts today!!!

Yeah! This morning marked the first "official" run of the Chicago training program. I started off with just a regular, easy three miler. Tomorrow I'll bump it up a little, including a 2.75 mile speed workout. I'm excited to get the summer/fall racing season underway.

I find its a lot easier to motivate myself to do my runs when I know that I really can't afford to miss even one. I feel like if I miss even a single run, I'll be dooming myself to failure at the actual race this fall. I also find it a lot easier to control my diet when I'm training. I've been trying to eliminate caffeine from my diet (isn't it ironic that caffeine and fiend sound a look so much alike?) and I don't drink much during training. I kind of like having an excuse not to drink..."None for me, I'm in training."

I've been reading (albeit very slowly) Performance Nutrition for Runners, it's very informative, although I have yet to employ any of the techniques recommended in the book. Bad runner.

On a different note, business is starting to pick up just a smidge. I actually have new patient evaluations on the books for this week. I think I've discovered the secret, if I actually plan to be out of the office, new patients will drop out of the sky. This morning I was in surgery with a local orthopod. I got to watch an ACL reconstruction with a hamstring graft and a inferior capsular shrinkage (shoulder scope). Way cool stuff. A most fun way to pass the work day.


Anonymous said...

Awesome on the surgery front.
Good luck with the program! Which program are you using?

Matt Lauer said...

Baby... you had me at capsular shrinkage!

Or something like that!

Sadly, I'm impressed with myself for being able to run for 60 seconds, of course I've just started!