Monday, June 12, 2006

My dog needs therapy

Yes, that's right, the Max-inator has some serious issues. He's been so incredibly well behaved for the last two weeks...that I know he's up to some dastardly doggie scheme. After today it's official, he's given up on his plan to take over the world. How do I know this? Well, he's reverted to his pre-people vacation behaviors. Including, but not limited to: the indoor plants, ransacking the dirty laundry, licking the carpet (yes the actual rug on the floor) and leaving little "treats" for us while we're busy slaving away to buy him the "good" kibble.

Whatever it is, he's back to his old tricks as of today. Damn dog has got to have some type of separation anxiety...seriously the morning routine in our house consists of getting completely ready to leave, loading all my various work crap into the car (the amount of which seems to increase slightly each day) and finally when I'm absoulutely ready to walk out the door for good...taking Max out to do his bid'nass.

After his royal doggieness has been out to survey his kingdom, I must leave the house immediately. Any delay in my departure from the house will result in having to start the process all over again. Again, HIS neurosis, not mine. Any deviation from said gameplan will result in the four legged freak taking a nice piss all over the living room carpet...just to show how unhappy his is with his people.

Thank goodness for the "little steam cleaner that could".

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Anonymous said...

When we got Scooter we had to send him to puppy boot camp - it worked miracles. Now all he does is chew an occassional sock or two.
Congrats on the race