Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's been ten years already?!?!

So....the mail recently brought an invitation to my ten year high school reunion. Now the dilemma is do I really want to go to this event?

The whole process seems kind of cheesy to me. I mean, come on, we get all dressed up and shell out a seriously large chunk of cash to spend four hours drinking cheap booze, eating crappy food, and making small talk with people we haven't seen in ten years and probably won't see again for another ten. Hey, wait a minute does this sound like PROM to anyone else? We answer dumbass questions like "what's the most important lesson life has taught you so far?" (the answer to which is: I'm glad I wasn't popular in high school because it would have sucked to have peaked so early in life.) Then, when it's all over we retreat to our real lives to talk badly about how the studly star football player is loosing all of his hair and little miss prom queen is getting fat. Then we congratulate ourselves on how much cooler we are now than all of our peers.

One of my best friends from high school, in fact the person who has known me longer than anyone I'm not related to, is on the "missing alumni" list. I told him this and he laughed, he said he wants to stay lost. While I understand his school of thought and find it pretty humerous, there are about a half dozen people that I've lost touch with that it might be fun to see again.

So, I need some opinions, did anyone go to their reunion and have a rockin good time? Or did you go and wish that you'd had a root canal without a sedative instead? Or did you not go and totally regret it two years down the road?


Anonymous said...

My reunion is this weekend but I have a wedding in Chicago so I won't be attending.
I was curious about people as well but figured I didn't really care when it came down to it. I'm happy where I am in life and I really didn't like those people now. Plus, they probsbly don't care much about what I'm doing anyway. That's my two cents worth.

runnergirl said...

My 10 year reunion was long enough ago that I don't want to admit it. I wasn't exactly a joiner in school. My biggest goal was to see if I could be the first car out of the parking lot at the end of each school day! But, I did decide to go to my reunion after much debate and some arm twisting. I went with my two closest girlfriends from high school, who just so happen to still be my closest friends. We left the guys at home, so we didn't have to worry entertaining them, and went stag. We had a blast. We drank ourselves silly until 7 am, and then whined about our hang overs for 3 days. It was one of the best times I have ever had. It actually wasn't as fake as you might think. Not one person came up to me to talk to me who wouldn't have talked to me in school. Instead I got to reconnect with old friends that I had lost touch with, but still think about occassionally. (And it was kinda fun to see all the football players balding, and the cheerleaders blimping out.) I'm actaully looking forward to the next one, believe it or not.

Matt Lauer said...

Kristi - bet you never expected to see me here! Tracy's 10 year was two years ago, and I went with her. When it was all said and done she said what I was thinking, the friends that meant anything to me I see or talk to often, the rest don't merit the cost of the reunion to listen to them tell you how successful they think they are.

After experiencing her's I doubt I'll go to mine this year, especially considering the how hoity toity CBC has gotten, and the fact that I did not really like too many of my classmates.

I'll just have a beer or two with my closer friends and leave the reunion to the other guys!