Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm pretty sure that...

HELL is a suburb of St. Louis. Why is it so freaking hot here in the summer?!?! Seriously, this is ridiculous. It's only mid-June and my outside temperature/barometer still reads 86 freaking degrees...at nine o'clock at night! I keep trying to tell myself that the more time I spend outside the more my body will become "acclimated" to the heat, so far all that's happening is I'm taking two showers instead of one each day. This is crap I tell you, crap.
Tonight was a speed workout in this awful sweltering St. Louis summer. I ran 2.75 miles as the speedwork, but did an extra 1.5miles as part of my training schedule. I was exhausted by the last lap. I was pleased with my times though. I managed to meet all of the time goals that I had set for this week, and I was not one of the runners puking behind the bleachers afterwards...any day without puking is a good day in my world. Great workout.
Not only is it hotter than the fifth circle of hell here this week, but the air conditioner in my office is broken. By broken I mean totally does not work. Not a bit of cool air in the ole' office. So, I call the repair company today (which incidently is so not in my job description...I believe it falls squarely under the duties of the person who fills the position titled "receptionist"...but that's another day's story). Who does the repair company send me? Gomer freakin Pyle, that's who.
He spent about thirty minutes in my office which was just long enough to piss me off three times. That might be a new world record. (And in case you can't tell by this post, I have anger issues) That's right, thank you Mr. Air Conditioner Repair Man, I definitely needed you to tell me that "dang, it's hot in here", I hadn't been already sweating my ass off for three hours or anything at that point. I also needed to hear you muttering the lyrics to "It's Getting Hot in Herrrrrre" as you diligently worked on NOT fixing the damn air conditioner...I'm certain that my 78 year old patient thought you were a musical genius.
And apparently, that freon you added to the air conditioner "because it was low" was not really the solution to the problem...because as my last patient of the day figured out...the blower was broken. (Yes, it was that hot in the office, and I was desperate enough to ask any patient with even the slightest mechanical inclination to offer a solution to my problem). So tomorrow, I'll be calling your company again...and you'll be spending the entire day in my sauna of an office....I'm certain you will find a solution much more quickly if you have to spend ten hours there.
I'm so wearing shorts tomorrow.


runnergirl said...

I think my town is a suburb of hell as well! What's the deal with the 90+ temps in June? If you live in a place where there is snow in the winter, you should not have to suffer through this kind of heat in the summer. It is wrong, wrong I tell you!

If you figure out a good way to beat the heat, let me know! So far I'm trying to run early or late or else on the treadmill.

Anonymous said...

Your post explains why I don't miss St. Louis! I was sure glad when I lived there I trained for the marathon in the winter in spring.