Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm fresh out of catchy titles...

Yesterday was the Komen Race for the Cure St. Louis. It went suprisingly well despite the fact that everyone started at the same time this year. In the past the race has been staggered with wheelchair participants starting first, followed by runners, and ending with walkers. I ran with my cousin's husband and my mom. Or I should say, I started the race with my cousin's husband and my mom. We lost each other fairly quickly.

The St. Louis Race for the Cure is now officially the largest in the nation. There were over 64,000 participants yesterday. Many of those people are not runners, or walkers, or any type of regular exercisers. This is the one day of the year that they come out and exercise...mainly because it's a good cause to support and almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. And I think that's great. It's fantastic to see people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities coming together to do something good for their community.

My mom; however, lost sight of this pretty quickly yesterday. I was pretty sure she was going to get bee-yotch slapped. It was hard to get going if you were running the race because there were SO many people there. My cousin's husband and I just kind of went along with the flow and started running when we could (proably about 2/10 of a mile into it). My mom on the other hand, started yelling at people to get out of her way. "If you're going to walk move over, let the faster people through, etc..." Extremely poor race behavior under normal circumstances, even less so at a charity race of this size.

We had to have a little talk a the end of the day about good manners to other racers. I think that after it was all said and done, she might have grasped that this race was not about setting a new PR, but rather supporting a good cause. Hopefully, next time around she'll be a little more mild mannered and I won't have to worry about anyone causing bodily harm to her.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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