Thursday, June 22, 2006

I never realized

just how much I really love cross training. Some mornings it's just nice to know that you don't have to hit the treadmill or the street for a few miles. I cycle for most of my cross training, and I always feel like I'm cheating as I do it. It just seems so much easier to cycle than it is to run after I've put in a few consecutive days of running.
I still need to do a little weight training tonight (boo, hiss). I'm so not looking forward to it, but it's good for me. Yeah, I'm not doing a real good job of convincing myself that I need or want to do it.
Today was overall a good day. I spent the morning observing some surgery, then did a marketing lunch with one of the other clinic directors. The doctor we met with was totally laid back. Apparently he's a big practical joker, as is my coworker. Given the context of the conversation we were having I'm pretty sure that I will be getting pranked pretty soon. Fine with me, as long as the referrals come rolling in.
The only downside to my day was a phone call from DishNetwork trying to get me to switch my satellite service to them. I was unbelievably polite to the guy despite the fact that he was obviously having a really bad day. He tried to sell me their "new improved product" which is "cheaper" than my current service and just couldn' t understand that I was happy with my current provider. He ended on a high telling me that I was a dumb bitch (for real, he actually said this). I was livid, so much so that I called the regional office and complained. But of course, they wouldn't take my complaint, because "you're not a subscriber, so we don't have any disciplinary recourse available for this situation." Sucky people...

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