Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tonight was the last formal speedwork session of the summer

As much as I disliked the speedwork sessions this summer, I'm kind of sad to see them go. As tough as they were, I actually saw progress with them.
Since I missed last week's group session and did my least favorite workout (25 100 meter windsprints with jogging in between each one) I was really glad to get to the session tonight, even though it was kind of misting a bit when I arrived at the track. Other than the light mist, the weather was perfect. It was a lovely 67 degrees out when I left the house, which actually felt really cold to me after multiple weeks of 90 degrees or hotter.
Tonight there was no actual workout, just the mile time trials. The rainy weather kept a lot of people away, so we all did our time trial at the same time. I was really nervous about the time trial. I knew that I was getting faster, but I set the bar really high at the time trial at the beginning of the summer, as I was trying to stay in front of the girl who was right behind me. My mile time trial back in May was 7:42, and since most of my speedwork was done at about an 8:00 or slightly faster pace, I thought I had a good reason to be worried. I was concerned that I'd be embarrassed when they posted the scores on the Fleet Feet website and mine was the only one that got slower.
Fortunately, there I was worried over nothing. Even though I didn't have anyone to pace myself off of, I ran the fastest mile I've ever run. Are you ready for this? Drumroll please.......I ran my mile time trial tonight in 7:00 flat!!! I'm pretty damn pleased with myself. This number makes all of the hard workouts that I put in this summer seem worth it. Who would have ever thought that me, the girl who could barely finish the mile during the Presidential Fitness testing in elementary and high school, could run a mile that fast. The best part was that I didn't even feel like I was breathing hard or very tired after running it. I think I could have actually gone faster if the track hadn't been wet, but every time I hit the curve I felt like my shoes were slipping.
The rest of the workout for me was cake. I ran an easy 2.5 to warm up before the time trial and an even easier .5 to cool down after the workout. Only one more short run this week and then it's on to the major mileage with an eighteen miler scheduled for this weekend.


Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run!!

Running Rabbit said...

7 min. mile? WHOO-HOO!!!