Sunday, August 13, 2006

I jumped on the fashion bandwagon

I finally did it. I've been contemplating/eyeing those cute little running skirts for about six or eight months now...pretty much ever since the new spring/summer gear went on the market last winter. I just couldn't justify spending forty or fifty bucks on a skirt to run in. I beat my running gear up so thoroughly that it never lasts very long, so spending a ton of money on basically "disposable" clothing is something I just don't do. Anyway, imagine my delight when my weekend ad circulars came around and I saw that Sports Authority had the skirts on sale!
Immediately, I scheduled a trip to Sports Authority as part of my day yesterday. I managed to find two really cute running in teal trimmed with orange and white, and one in navy trimmed with fuschia and white. I was excited to find that the medium sized skirts were actually too big! I actually own something that is a size small now!
Speaking of sizes, there was a small fitting room debacle...which involved me locking myself out of the fitting room, with all of my street clothes inside, while trying to find the skirt in a different size, and then being unable to see the large button that said "ring for assistance". Being the intelligent woman that I am, (I'm so embarrassed to type this) I decided to crawl under the door back into the fitting room. Halfway into the room...head and torso in the room, legs sticking out into the store, I twisted my shoulders and upper body, thus managing to get my hips "stuck" between the bottom of the door and the floor. Fortunately I realized what the problem was and was able to remedy the situation before the store employees noticed.
So, long story short, I purchased the running skirts, took them home, and tried them out this morning on my short run. Of course I slept in today, so my short run took place on the treadmill, which isn't really the ideal spot to try out new equipment, but I must say that I really liked the skirt. I'll try it again on next weekend's long run and post a more complete review of the skirt at that time.


Running Jayhawk said...


That is hilarious!!!!!!!

And totally something that I would do. :)

Running in Slow Motion said...

I have 2 running skirts and I love love love them! The comfort of the bike shorts w/out exposing every lump and line on my lower half. Plus they are super cute!