Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I am so glad

That I switched the order of my runs this week. I was dragging some serious butt this morning when I got up. In fact, the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I only had to do four miles this morning, and that it was all on the treadmill, so I didn't have to get all dressed to go outside. Although it wouldn't have been so bad to go outside this morning as it was only 59 degrees in St. Louis at five o'clock this morning. I cannot wait for fall to be here for good.
Today was a regular day. I got up, ran, went to work, saw a bunch of patients, had a bunch more cancel on me, did a marketing lunch (that went really well), saw a bunch more patients, got stood up by the last one of the day, and am now blogging while I wait for my yummy dinner to finish.
Dear husband is cooking tonight, we're trying a new recipe. It's called chile relleno casserole (from the Eating for Life book). We don't actually follow this program completely, but a lot of our meals come from the cookbook because most of the stuff tastes decent and is fairly easy to make. I'm hoping it tastes at least half as good as it looks.
On a funnier note. My hubbie got a ticket about two or three weeks ago. The official infraction is "illegal lane usage". The actual rule that he broke was pulling into what everyone uses as a turn lane off of the highway, but come to find out is actually the shoulder of the road...just poorly marked. Apparently they nailed him for driving on the shoulder to avoid the traffic signal (yes, we live in a semi-rural, fast becoming suburban area, that still has stoplights on some of the highway intersections...instead of overpasses). The price tag on this? 177 dollars. He was going to be a smartass to the clerk as he paid it, but fortunately saw the sign that said rudeness and sarcasm would result in an automatic, mandatory court appearance and decided to keep his mouth shut. Thank God for that sign!


Anonymous said...

That sucks on the ticket front and what a funny sign. Hope the dinner was good.

Firefly's Running said...

OWW! I would have fought the ticket instead of paying it, if it was not marked.

Nice run!

Running Rabbit said...

177! That is riduculous!