Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Awesome speed session tonight

Tonight's speed session was the best workout ever. It was 400 meter repeats every four minutes. We were doing twelve sets, and the idea was that it was a staggered workout. So instead of everyone starting together, the slower runners started first and then the faster runners started last. You were supposed to look at the speed charts and chose your start time based on the time you would like to run your 400 meters in, everyone was supposed to finish at the same time (the three minute mark) then we'd rest for a minute and start the clock all over again. It seemed to work so much better this way.
It was nice not to have to stare at the back of the faster runners, I kind of felt like it tricked me into going faster. Plus, there was a huge pyschological advantage to catching the people who were in front of you. Once you're circling that track, you totally forget that those people didn't start at the same time as you.
I ran my three miles of speedwork in just over an 8:00/mile pace...I'm finally seeing some improvement in my times on flat ground. I ran my two warm up laps slightly slower at an 8:30/mile pace, which is still faster than my long run pace. I think I read somewhere that long runs should be thirty to forty five seconds per mile slower than your normal, 5k pace. Does this sound right?
Also, I got my RBF cd exchange cd's last night! Great job on organizing this exchange, Running Jayhawk. Many thanks to Running Rabbit and Little Miss Runner Pants for two awesome cds. I've already found some new favorite songs. Although I could have done without the glitter in Rabbit's cd...it's all over my kitchen! My husband now thinks that I went to the strip joint instead of working yesterday afternoon.


Arcaner said...

Good job on the workout.

30-45 seconds slower than 5k pace sound way too fast. 30-45 seconds slower than marathon pace is probably a bit on the fast side. You should probably be looking at 45s to 1 minute slower than marathon pace.

Firefly's Running said...

Way to go!! Awesome run!

Running Rabbit said...

GLITTER IS FUN!!! Being a teacher I use glitter for everything!!! And what guy wouldn't appreciate his wife going to the strip club? Come on now men...help me out here! Glad you like it...minus the glitter. :-)