Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So much easier

Another speedwork session tonight. Tonight was 1200 meter repeats. We only did four sets, so that was nice, although it still kicked my butt. It's nice to see progress though. I was able to complete the three miles in 24 minutes, which is fantastic for me.
The coaches told us to look back at our previous 1200 meter repeat workout to see how much we've improved since Memorial Day, but of course, I really am not anal about recording how fast I do my workouts, so I have no idea what I did that workout in the first time around. I know that my PR for a 5k race is just over 25:30 though, so I'm estimating that I may have shaved about a minute off of my 5k pace.
Of course, there's pretty much no way in hell that I could ever maintain my 5k pace for a whole marathon...
Everyone was fairly well behaved at tonight's session. Arrogant runner dude (who's name I find out is actually Cary) was on his best behavior after his dressing down courtesy of your's truly last week. He even mumbled a half hearted sorry about last week to me at the beginning of today's workout. I'll count this battle as a victory. Nice to know that decency still counts for something occasionally.
I'm officially exhausted. It seems like when one aspect of life starts to go smoothly, another loses all sense of control. My job is kicking my ass from one end of the clinic to the other pretty much every day now. Don't get me wrong, I love to be busy, but I've also got a student intern now, and suffice to say, she's not all that quick on the uptake.
I'm actually really worried about how I can justify not forcing her to remediate this clinical. I had a talk with her today about how it doesn't really seem like her heart is in her work, and she admitted that she thinks that my type of clinic is not for her (she...like 95% of the rest of her class, wants to work with kids). That's great and all, but you still have to give 100% effort at this internship to get out of school. It's making for a frustrating workday.
I also need some serious advice on how to work my training the weekend of August 25-27th. I have a continuing education seminar from Wednesday to Sunday that week (8:30am to 5:00pm), and I have a sixteen miler scheduled. I really don't see any option other than to get out of bed at 4am on either Saturday or Sunday to get the run done. That's gonna make it hard to stay awake for the class...any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I did my run after my continuing ed class a few weeks ago. The sun was setting while I was done but at least I stayed awake.
good luck with student.
Nice job on the speedwork

Firefly's Running said...

Nice run! Way to get the guys to put his tail between his legs. LOL!