Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What a week

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. This week has been so crazy. My continuing education seminar started today, it runs through Sunday. In order to make up for the fact that I'll be out of the clinic and thus unavailable to my patients all of the second part of this week, I worked extra hours on Monday and Tuesday. The company has arranged for someone to cover for me tomorrow, but I didn't want to load her schedule up too badly...I'd kind of like her to come back next time I'm out of the office.
I worked so late on Tuesday that I missed my formal speedwork session. I did drive to the closest high school track though so I could complete the workout on my own. It sucked. I really dislike windsprints. I'm quite certain that they are my least favorite type of speed workout. I did twenty five 100 meter repeats at a full out pace, with 100 meter jog breaks in between each wind sprint. It totally kicked my butt.
So far, my course seems pretty interesting. It's a very small course, only seventeen participants, only one of whom seems really annoying so far. The instructor said that the usual size for this course is forty to fifty people, so I feel particularly lucky to be in a small class. If I decide to pursue my DPT degree from this particular university, I can count this course towards my requirements.
I've been toying with the DPT idea for a long time, but haven't been able to convince myself to make a decision. This course is probably going to help sway me, as the program is much more reasonably priced than others I've looked at, and is only 22 credit hours long. Plus, you get credit for going to the seminars and becoming certified in manual therapy, which is something my employer wants me to do anyway. I guess I figure that if I can get someone (ie: my boss) to pay for half of my degree, it'd be money well spent, especially since I have to do the continuing education seminars anyway.
The only thing I'm concerned about is the time commitment, which I know I can't fulfill now. Maybe after Chicago....


Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on getting your speedwork done.

Anonymous said...

HOpe the class is fun. I went through with my DPT - I guess I'm glad I did. The way I looked at it was I need CEU to keep my license so I figured might as well get a degree.