Monday, January 08, 2007

Just another manic Monday

Monday, Monday...let me count the ways that I hate you.
1. I could not sleep worth crap last night. I spent so much freakin time awake during the night that I was tired all day, thus one bad night negates all the good sleeping I got done over this past weekend.
2. Creepy walk in patient. I'm pretty sure he's an axe murderer...or maybe just that guy from the second Silence of the Lambs book(Red Dragon). Fun fact for the day: That book (and movie) was actually based in St. Louis, thus making this theory totally possible.
3. Irritatingly annoying office staff lady. Why is today of all days the day that you decided to get your tuberculosis test done? They're open all week....Monday is a madhouse here. I really can't answer the phones, schedule patients, and treat patients all by my lonesome. That's why you're here freakazoid.
4. That's actually it I think.
Hope everyone else's day was better than mine. I'm headed to the couch to vegetate!


Sonia said...

I hate Mondays after a long vacation! No desire to work at all!!! Hope the feet is healing well =)

Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there, Kristi! Tommorow's my Monday and a VERY short week too. :D