Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yet another speed session knocked out

I swear, you'd think these weekly speed sessions would be getting easier, but no, instead they're getting harder. Tonight was 200m repeats...thirteen of those bastards. I really think that five or six would have been plenty for me, as I was completely beat by the last one. The plan was to sprint 200m, then jog or walk 200 more. Of course, being the smart bunny that I am, I figured that if I walked the 200m like all of the sane people were doing, I would have to do more laps to make up my full mileage for the day...and I was not, not, not going to do that.
So, long story short, I sprinted out my 200m at my recommended pace of 55 seconds...okay I admit, the first five were much faster and the last eight were just barely on target. And I jogged my "recovery" stretch at an extremely slow pace (so slow that I really was almost walking.). I averaged out the 3.1miles at a 9:00/mile pace though, so I'm satisfied.
I was pretty pleased with my warm up mile, which I ran in 8:30 though. So I guess all the hard work at the Tuesday night speed sessions is starting to pay off a little. I'm not noticing much change speedwise on my longer runs, but I'm also running a lot more hills than I used to. I figure that even though there aren't many hills in Chicago, I'll be stronger and have a better time of meeting my goal if I run my long runs on a hilly course.

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Firefly's Running said...

Awesome job on the speed work.