Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm in the wrong profession

I should have been a plumber...I just shelled out a seriously large amount for less than an hour of work by the guy. Lets back up a hair. Remember the little plumbing drama from Sunday night? Well, as it turns out the leaky valve is soldered onto the pipe in question...thus turning what should have been a simple repair job into a major repair, that was way beyond the scope of our expertise. So upon the advice of my construction knowledgable father in law, we hired a professional.
Four days later,several hundred plus smackeroos lighter, and my plumbing is finally fixed. I am so glad to have this problem solved. Now, we just have a hole in the ceiling in the kitchen to fix. Perhaps husband o'mine will take that task on when I am doing my long run this Saturday morning...and might I add here that it's only supposed to be a balmy 90 degrees on Saturday in the Lou'.
The plan for this weekend is an easy eight or ten on Saturday morning, really early as to beat the heat. I'm supposed to do eight and may stick with only eight since I've been having a smidge of anterior ankle pain for the past two days. Pretty much ever since my speedwork session on Tuesday night.
I'm also entered in the Missouri River 8k on Sunday morning, so technically I'm already doing an extra mile on I may let myself off with only 7 miles on Saturday as to keep my weekly mileage within the prescribed amount.

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