Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wow, just wow.

My husband's cousin got married last was ummmm, interesting. To set the scene, his family is pretty huge. My step mother in law is one of six kids, and each of the six kids has as least three kids of their own. Most of my husband's cousins are around our age, give or take about five years.
We get along well with some of the cousins, and there are others that we'd just as soon not see...just like in most families, I'd imagine. Last night was the last wedding out of all of the cousins that are "of marrying age" (the rest are way too young, or already married). It was messed up.
Each table had a cake on it as a centerpiece, apparently the bride was trying to avoid a per slice charge for cutting the cake. It didn't seem to work out so well though, as she ended up with forty small cakes, and most of the small cakes were still half uneaten at the end of the night.
Then there was the alcohol issue, beer was free, but soda was a cash item. Not cool, since we had all brought flasks of liquor to mix with what we thought would be free soda. The younger side of the family is really not all that big on beer. Wouldn't you think that you would have charged for booze and had soda free?
Finally, the groom went MIA at the reception. Dinner was the last time that anyone saw the groom. We saw the bride all night, cutting it up on the dance floor with her sorority sisters, but where was the groom? He just kind of disappeared about ten minutes after they cut the cake.
There was some smokin of the ganja taking place by almost all of the wedding party in the limo on the way to the reception, as well as a few groomsmen doing some harder drugs...very classy for a family function. Oh yes, and we mustn't forget the mother of the flowergirl (mom was about mid-thirties, and extremely married) telling the seventeen year old brother of the bride that "It's too bad you've got a girlfriend, cause I could show you a real good time."
I am so glad that this wedding is over.
On the running front, I woke up S-O-R-E this morning from those hills in Hannibal yesterday. I run a lot of hills when I'm doing my regular Saturday morning long runs, but usually I have a brief break of flat road between them, unlike yesterday. So I was very glad that today was just a short three mile recovery run. I managed to finish that this morning and am now once again thinking about lifting a few weights. I'm going to try to get more consistent with that part of my training. I can so do better than I've been doing with it.
The results from yesterday's race were posted today. I finished 154th overall and was the 8th female finisher in my age bracket. This isn't too terrible for me, but is a slight drop in the standings from the last race that I ran. I'm going to blame it on the hills.


Firefly's Running said...

Wow!! Sounds like a very crazy wedding. That's very unusual to charge for soda - maybe the bride was onto the idea of mixed beverages.

Nice job on the results from yesterday's race.

runnergirl said...

Sounds like an interesting evening! We all have a few family members that we'd rather not admit to knowing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't miss the country weddings that I attended back in the day. Good job on your race.